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  • Instruments for high tec application in the inorganic field: Two examples: GLowDischarge Spectrometriy – depth profiling with RF/DC combo lamp _ Oxygen detemrination in Silicon wafers with LECO GFA (Gas Fusion Analysis = O836SI).
    Michael Jakob – Leco Europe (Germany)
  • Current trends in heat treatment and metallurgy
    M. Korecki – Seco Warwick (Świebodzin, Poland)


  • Application of laser techniques in surface engineering based on the finite element method
    M. Bonek (Gliwice, Poland), A. Dziwis (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Raman spectroscopy study of calcium and strontium phytate as a material to prolonged release of risedronate
    T. Buchwald (Poznan, Poland), M. Sandomierski (Poznan, Poland), A. Voelkel (Poznan, Poland)
  • Modification of Hydroxyapatite Using Methacrylate Compounds for Potential Application as Fillers in Resin-Based Composites
    Z. Buchwald (Poznań, Poland), A. Voelkel (Poznań, Poland)
  • Quaternary ammonium polyethyleneimine nanoparticles: A promising antibacterial filler for dental composites
    G. Chladek (Gliwice, Poland), I. Barszczewska – Rybarek, M. Chrószcz-Porębska, A. Mertas
  • The corrosion aspects of sintered Mg-Zn-Ca-Er alloy for biomedical application
    S. Lesz (Gliwice, Poland), B. Hrapkowicz (Gliwice, Poland), A. Drygała (Gliwice, Poland), M. Popczyk (Katowice, Poland), M. Szklarska (Katowice, Poland), W. Walke (Zabrze, Poland)
  • Simulation of laser alloying in the form of a three-dimensional educational game
    R. Honysz (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Investigations of solid particle erosion resistance of WC – based coatings deposited by HVOF on to Mg alloys substrate
    E. Jonda (Gliwice, Poland), A. Lont (Gliwice, Poland), L. Łatka (Wrocław Poland), K. Gołombek (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Application of Single Minute Exchange of Die as a method of process improvement
    P. Dudziński (Gliwice, Poland), T. Karkoszka (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Influence of selected microadditives on the properties of cold-worked magnesium copper alloy
    D. Kołacz (Gliwice, Poland), W. Głuchowski (Gliwice, Poland), Z. Rdzawski (Gliwice, Poland), M. Łagoda (Gliwice, Poland), M. Maleta (Gliwice, Poland), K. Krukowski (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Selected aspects of wind power plant life cycle energy-environmental efficiency in the context of circular economy
    R. Kasner (Bydgoszcz, Poland), W. Kruszelnicka (Bydgoszcz, Poland), A. Tomporowski (Bydgoszcz, Poland), J. Flizikowski (Bydgoszcz, Poland), P. Walichnowska (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
  • Effect of microaddition of zirconium on the functional properties of copper magnesium alloy
    M. Maleta (Gliwice, Poland), W. Głuchowski (Gliwice, Poland), Z. Rdzawski (Gliwice, Poland), M. Łagoda (Gliwice, Poland), J. Domagała-Dubiel (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Structure and properties of Co-Cr-Mo alloy manufactured by PM, PIM and SLM methods
    G. Matula (Gliwice, Poland), A. Szatkowska (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Template-assisted electrodeposition of zinc 3D microcomponents
    M. Rejek (Gliwice, Poland) M. Watroba (Gliwice, Poland) J. Schwiedrzik (Dübendorf, Switzerland), J. Mazurkiewicz (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Properties of ZrC coatings deposited by reactive sputtering on Ni-Ti alloy substrates
    M. Pancielejko (Koszalin, Poland), M.Rowicka (Koszalin, Poland), J. Ratajski (Koszalin, Poland), K. Mydłowska (Koszalin, Poland), K. Kminikowska (Koszalin, Poland)
  • Ultimate Flexural Strength and Young’s Modulus Analysis of Denture Base Resins for Masked Stereolithography 3D Printing Technology
    P. Penchev (Varna, Bulgaria)
  • An overview of biopolymers and its applications in materials engineering
    E. Pabjańczyk-Wlazło (Łódź, Poland)
  • Application of Spark Plasma Sintering to manufacture cemented carbide parts
    W. Pilarczyk (Gliwice, Poland), I. Kredowska (Gliwice, Poland), U. Suleman (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Application of 3D technology in orthopedics
    M. Polok-Rubiniec (Gliwice, Poland), A. Włodarczyk-Fligier (Gliwice, Poland), A. Kania (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Corrosion resistance of laser-welded CoCrMoW alloy used in prosthodontics
    Ł. Reimann (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Inhibition of the degradation mechanisms responsible for the premature destruction of bioresorbable Mg alloys
    P. Sakiewicz (Gliwice, Poland) R. Babilas (Gliwice, Poland),, R. Nowosielski (Gliwice, Poland), K. Piotrowski (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Optimization of Lightweight Gradient Cellular Structures with Variable Density for Additive Manufacturing
    E. Brancewicz-Steinmetz (Łódź, Poland), J. Sawicki (Łódź, Poland)
  • A Study on Energy efficiency in Robotic Systems
    A. Sękala (Gliwice, Poland), K. Foit (Gliwice, Poland), G. Kost (Gliwice, Poland), T. Blaszczyk Tomasz (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) as carriers of trace elements
    K. Harazna (Cracow, Poland), K. Niziołek (Cracow, Poland), D. Słota (Cracow, Poland), B. Tyliszczak (Cracow, Poland), A. Sobczak-Kupiec (Cracow, Poland)
  • Safety culture as an important element of ensuring safety in the workplace
    M. Spilka (Gliwice, Poland) K. Zajaczkowska (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Analysis of the microstructure of a welded joint of X10CrWMoVNb9-2 steel after 10,000 hours of annealing
    K. Sowka (Katowice, Poland), M. Sroka (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Silicon thin films with N-type electrical conductivity for solar cell applications
    M. Szindler (Gliwice, Poland), M. M. Szindler (Gliwice, Poland), K. Lukaszkowicz (Gliwice, Poland), K. Matus (Gliwice, Poland)
  • The Al2O3/ZnO multilayer deposited by ALD on surgical scalpels
    M. M. Szindler (Gliwice, Poland), M. Szindler (Gliwice, Poland), J. Bicz (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Safety Engineering of Anthropogenic Facilities in Applied Sciences
    A. Baryłka (Warsaw, Poland), M. Szota (Warsaw, Poland), J. Obolewicz (Białystok, Poland)
  • Computer comparative analysis of the material used in the medical drip model
    A. Śliwa (Gliwice, Poland), W. Mikołejko (Gliwice,Poland)
  • Investigation of the thermal transitions and electrical properties of thin films of semiconducting polymers
    P. Jarka (Gliwice, Poland), B. Hajduk (Zabrze, Poland), T. Tański (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Advancements in Bone Regeneration – The Impact of Manganese Doping on Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics
    B. Tyliszczak (Cracow, Poland), M. Bańkosz (Cracow, Poland), K. Piętak (Cracow, Poland), D. Słota (Cracow, Poland), A. Sobczak-Kupiec (Cracow, Poland)
  • Influence of PCL-nanofibers deposition on biocompatibility and physicochemical properties of titanium alloy
    A. Woźniak (Gliwice, Poland)