The list of conference delegates is closed and we thank you for all your registrations!


The AMME BIO 2024 Conference Organisers would like to thank all the delegates in advance for the time spent on detailed and careful familiarisation with instructions published at each step of the registration process, allowing the delegates to avoid any mistakes in that process

Registration form Registration form

General remarks about the online registration system

  • Registration for the AMME bio 2024 Conference is only possible through the use of the online registration form.

  • To activate your registration for the AMME bio 2024 Conference, it is necessary to log in immediately to MY ACCOUNT after making the first step of the online registration.

  • Faxes and emails concerning the registration are not accepted.

  • Each delegate must register individually.

  • Each abstract must be submitted only by one of the co-authors through the online registration form.

  • Abstracts and papers sent by email are not accepted.

Credit cards, checks, and cash are not accepted. All bank charges connected with that payment must be paid by the delegate’s Institution bank. Please do not charge the AMME bio 2024 Conference account.



Before the online registration

To register for the AMME BIO 2024 Conference, each delegate needs to prepare in advance and have at hand the following data and documents:

  • Their passport or ID card number necessary for hotel registration
  • Their Institution’s taxpayer identification number (NIP) necessary for making the invoice
  • An electronic version of the final version of an abstract. After the receipt of the confirmation of its registration, no uploads are possible.


During the online registration 

The creation of a personal login ID and password during registration allows each delegate to do the following registration procedures only in the order given below and access MY ACCOUNT at any time:

  • make an accommodation with meals
  • submit (an) abstract(s) (obligatory)

  • submit (a) title of (a) paper(s) (optional)

  • submit a multimedia presentation (obligatory for oral presenters)

  • check the status of the conference fee.


After the online registration – payment deadlines and realisation of ordered services

Please notice that accommodation will be made and the abstracts will be included and published in ¬†Conference Programme and Proceedings, and papers in a proper journal only if the conference fee or/and APC is/are paid one month after the online registration. If the payment is not made on time, the delegate’s online registration desktop will be deleted.

If the delegate still wants to participate in the conference, they will have to begin the whole procedure of online registration from the very beginning.

The AMME bio 2024 Conference Organisers would like to inform you that the order of registration and the payment submission can influence the achievement of an ordered kind of room, e.g., a single one or the acceptance of the paper for print in the expected journal. That is why one should not delay the registration and payment of the conference until the deadline.